RPG-beat’em’up: first facts about “Zeno Clash 2″

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Eurogamer: 8/10 points. IGN: 8,4/10. Giantbomb: 5/6. First-person fighter “Zeno Clash” got a bunch of enthusiastic reviews. Now Chilean developers ACE Team have announced a sequel. lordsofzock.com talked to one of the team’s members, Carlos Bordeu.

“There are things bigger than Halstedom. And things even bigger than Zenozoik. These two I will show you”, says the mysterious Golem in the last chapter. Will “Zeno Clash 2″ play in another world?

The story of “Zeno Clash” will continue to be in Zenozoik, but players will get to explore and see many more places that were never shown in the first game. The story of the first game takes the player through a very specific path in the world, and there is much more to see than what was shown.

Will the sequel rather be a melee combat game or RPG?

A combination. Most RPG games have a relatively simple combat mechanic. Since “Zeno Clash” was created as a combat game, we can take what we created in the first, expand that and have a very solid action-RPG where the fighting will be very satisfying. Since the game will be larger we will add more depth to the combat so it feels less repetitive and is more interesting.

Did the success of “Zeno Clash” give you the idea to do a sequel? Or was it scheduled from the beginning?

It was scheduled from the beginning, but obviously if the game would have been poorly received, we would have never made a sequel. It was always our dream to be able to make a bigger game with exploration elements, but that proved to be too hard for us (as a debut title for an indie developer).

What did you perceive as the main points of criticism towards “Zeno Clash”?

The size of the levels and length of the game was probably the major complaints. We knew we would face this even as we started out work on the first game, because we were a small team and just couldn’t build a huge adventure. The gunplay was also criticized by some people. We are taking into account the feedback from the community and we will improve the game in its weakest areas.

HalstedomWill you hire a bigger team for “Zeno Clash 2″?

We will grow … but how much? We are still uncertain.

Do you want to get a big publisher for this new project? Or do you prefer to stay independent and publish via Steam and Direct2Drive?

We want to stay independent for the development process, but our aim is to hopefully make something that could be sold in consoles as a retail game. But we’re still in a design process … nothing is set on stone.

Could you, at this early stage, give us an approximate release date for “Zeno Clash 2″?

Hahaha … we have our own estimations… but for now we can’t say anything. We misjudged the release date of the first by several months.

Could you say something about the additional free DLC for “Zeno Clash” which will be released during the following weeks?

We’re working on something similar to the “tower challege” mode, but the levels are more interesting and dynamic (Not just arenas). We’ll show some footage in the following weeks.

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ACE Team:

Top row left to right: Andres Bordeu, Juan Briones, Jose Tomas Morande
Bottom row: David Caloguerea, Carlos Bordeu, Edmundo Bordeu, Gabriel Garcia
ACE Team


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